Draw Inspections

Commercial/Residential Draw Inspections

During the construction process in many homes and commercial buildings, contractors typically do not get paid up front for their work. They are paid as the work is being completed.  Because of this many lenders and homeowners will hire a 3rd party company to complete what are known as “Draw Inspections” to verify that the work is being completed properly, as the client has requested and on time so that the contractor may receive their payment. Draw inspections are typically conducted on a monthly basis, but can be performed as often as requested by the contractor or bank.

If you are in need a draw inspection, consider choosing Sandusky Bay Inspections LLC for your next project.  Many draw inspections can be completed within a matter of 48 hours from the time the inspection is requested.  We are adaptable in our reports, we work with several companies who have their very own reporting system or we can use our reporting system which can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients requests.

Our pricing varies depending on the scope of work, call 419-503-3644 for a free consultation today!

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Areas We Serve

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We were very impressed with Sandusky Bay Inspections and Scott, the inspector, who provided a thorough documentation for our review. His customer service was excellent, photographs were taken and emailed to us within 24 hours to show potential problem areas. Websites were provided for further education on problematic areas as well as recommendations for maintenance,

Joan V. August 7, 2015


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