We have many different types of inspections that can be custom tailored to property inventors

Pre-Purchase/Seller Inspections

These inspections are very similar to our Pre-Purchase/Seller Inspections for our non-investor clients with the exception that there may be multiple units to inspect.

Maintenance/Safety Inspections

Ever wonder what condition your property is in but are too busy/have too many properties/too far away to check? With our Maintenance and Safety Inspections we can check any of the systems or components in the house and the general condition of the house for visible damage and take photos for your review.

Move-In/Move Out Inspections

We can use your checklist or we have our own as well, but we can check the condition of a rental unit at Move-In and Move-Out, and you will get the following benefits:

  • Creates a legally binding report of the condition of the rental property before and after the lease.
  • No more arguing about what is whose responsibility.
  • Protects both parties with an objective and experienced professional presence
  • Provides unbiased, expert testimony in court disputes


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